Once upon a time, three children walking through the park saw a vision of Jesus. He spoke to them gently and asked them to deliver a message to their priest in church. You would have expected them to be frightened at seeing such an apparition, but no; they remained calm and did as they were asked.

And that's when the trouble started. News of the Apparition broke out throughout town. People reacted badly. They scoffed and mocked the children and their parents. Some even turned to violence.

The church was thrown into confusion, not sure whether to reprimand the children or to give them the benefit of the doubt. So they decided to ignore the story and make no statement at all. The local priest meanwhile had a crisis of faith, not knowing what to believe anymore.

This fictional story is recorded in a book called VISIONS (ISBN 978-1-60477-032-2) by new author Victor S E Moubarak.

This challenging book will make you think. Put yourself in place of the strong characters in this vibrant storyline and ask yourself what you would do in this situation.

This fast-paced exciting tale of supernatural events will keep you guessing what happens next. The author skilfully combines humour with suspense to deliver a Christian message relevant to today's society.

An ideal gift which will be read again and again.

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