Are you ancient?

It is surprising how many buildings there are which have been "listed" as historical and of great architectural value. Such beautiful buildings can never be torn down and they are lovingly restored and maintained for generations to come.

Some people collect vintage cars and spend hours and fortunes looking after them. Others prefer antiques, or paintings by old masters.

But how about old people? Do we treasure them for their wisdom accumulated over the years? Do we cherish them for what they have done for us?

True, some nations and cultures have great respect for their elders. But how about us? Do we see old people as senile, not worth listening to or paying attention to them?

There's a joke that says archaeologists make the best marriage partners - the older you get the more interested they are in you !

In an article I was reading recently in a medical journal, it is claimed that scientists have not discovered why we age. There seems to be no medical reason why cells deteriorate with age and we grow old.

Perhaps God allows old age to teach us to love and respect our elders.

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007