Anxiety Ö. Youíre a destroyer of souls!

Anxiety is a human emotion. We canít help feeling anxious, sometimes unnecessarily, and in so doing we give way to doubts and worry. Itís like meeting three evil witches intent on destroying you: Anxiety, Doubt and Worry.

Whenever we look away from God for a moment thatís when we allow anxiety to enter our life and implant the seeds of doubt and worry. Perhaps itís because at that very instant when we look away from God, the devil is ready to pounce and lead us astray.

The remedy is to re-focus on God in the sure knowledge that He will not let us down.

ďLook at the birds flying around Ö your Father in Heaven takes care of them! Arenít you worth much more than birds?Ē Matthew 6:26

The Lord is my Shepherd - I shall not want ...

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© Copyright V Moubarak 2008