Christmas is without doubt one of the happiest period in many peoples' calendar. Imagine all that tinsel and glitter, Christmas trees and lights, Santa Claus and his reindeers, good food and drink, carols and music, and of course the gifts ... mustn't forget the gifts!

It is understandable, therefore, if amongst all the festivities, we forget the true message of Christmas.

So let's stop and consider this statement for a moment.

There is one living God. And He sent His only Son to this earth. His name is Jesus and He walked amongst people just like us. He talked to them, listened to them, healed them and performed many miracles including raising some of them from the dead. Some of these people tortured, crucified and killed Him. He died to save us and rose from the dead.

OK .... now read that statement again slowly.

WOW !!! Have you taken in the immensity of what you've just read?

One living God sent His only Son as a human to this earth.

We are not talking about some astronaut from outer space here. Or some being or other from another planet. Or whatever some people might want you to think or believe.

And it didn't happen millions of years ago ... no. This happened a mere 2000 years ago. A living God visited this earth and lived amongst people just like us.

It is only when we take in and believe the significance of this event ... only then can we begin to understand (if that's at all possible) God's love for us.

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007