There's a story about a married couple who'd been together for many years. One day the wife was unwell with a heavy cold. Her husband offered to make her something to eat and she asked for a salad sandwich made with a French baguette (stick) which they had just bought that morning.

The husband went into the kitchen, cut the ends of the French baguette, and with the middle bit made the most delicious sandwich, with tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers - just as his wife likes it.

She must have felt pretty bad that day, because when he presented the sandwich to her she snapped "Why do you always cut the end bits of the baguette for yourself? They're my favourite!"

He smiled and said "My dear, I hate the end bits, they're crunchy and dry ... I've been having them for years because I thought you hated them too !"

How many problems can we avoid in life if there were more open and honest communication?

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007