Let's face it, there's no two ways about it. Death is probably the most traumatic event that we may have to deal with. Especially when it is sudden and unexpected, or when it occurs in violent or tragic circumstances, or it involves a young one.

It's understandable if we are totally distraught and feel as if our world is ended. We may even feel that God has abandoned us and that he cares for us no more.

All these human emotions are natural and they happen to us because we are, after all, human. Remember, even Christ on the Cross felt that God, His Father, had abandoned Him. This was perhaps His human side speaking!

But there's more to death than just it ... the end ... finito!

As Christians, we believe in the Resurrection. One of our fundamental beliefs is that we will be raised again to be with Christ as He has promised.

So when the initial essential pain and grief of death have subsided; when we have managed to come to terms with the death of a loved one, as we must, then we will realise that death is perhaps a cause of rejoicing. This must sound strange, but in reality we should rejoice that our loved one has now moved on to a better place with God.

Unless we truly believe this, accept it and rejoice in it; then our Christianity is just a sham.

By accepting this Christian belief, in time our hurt and pain will slowly heal as we learn, with God's help, to move on and continue with our lives.

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007