God sometimes leads us into situations in order to fulfill His will.

Years ago a relative of mine was diagnosed with cancer. We were all very shocked and we prayed and prayed for him. He prayed too and accepted God’s will.

He was taken to hospital. Whilst there he met another patient in the next bed also suffering with cancer. This man took his news badly as did his family.

One evening my relative decided to talk to this patient. He was a non-believer and had accepted that he was going to die. My relative talked to him about God; possibly recognizing that it may have no direct effect, but at least it may help this poor patient who had given up all hope. He explained to him that all would be well if he handed the situation over to God.

To cut a long story short – this patient was healed and diagnosed free from cancer. So did my relative.

This happened several years ago; both left hospital and are now the best of friends. Here’s the good news: the patient has now become a Christian and so has his family.

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© Copyright V Moubarak 2008