Did God make a mistake?

It is said in the Bible that God made human beings in His own image - to be like Him and to resemble Him (Genesis 1:26).

When you consider the number of evil people in the world today, you can't help but wonder whether He made a mistake. Surely if He is a caring and loving God how come there are evil men? Surely they are not made in His image?

Of course, God did not make a mistake. He created man in His image, but also, because He is loving and caring He gave man a great gift. He gave him free will to do with his life as he wishes.

The argument as to whether men are born evil or whether they become evil because of their environment and the way they have been treated has run for ever, and no doubt will continue for years to come. The fact remains that some people, no matter their deprived background and up-bringing still choose to do good in life; and the opposite scenario also applies. They choose their actions in life and suffer the consequences.

God made man to be good just like Himself. Man chose evil. That's what is called sin.

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