Problems .... we all seem to have problems these days. Whether it's money problems, marital problems, problems at work or whatever. We always seem to have something on our mind which causes us worries and in time will affect our health.

A wise Rabbi noticed that his congregation always complained of their problems. One day he suggested to them that the following week they should all bring with them a pebble or a stone the size of which represented their problems. They were to leave their pebbles and stones at the door of the synagogue before entering.

Sure enough, they all brought pebbles and stones which they left at the door. Once inside, the Rabbi taught them that the size of their pebbles and stones only represented in their minds how big or difficult they thought their problems were. Yet, if they analysed their problems carefully more often than not they could be resolved and they were in fact much smaller than they perceived them to be. To prove his point, he invited them on their way out to pick another pebble or stone if they so wished. They were then to find the owner of that pebble and listen to his problem.

This they did. And by listening to each others problems most of them realised that their own problem was not that big after all, and they preferred to have their own pebble back.

An old priest told me once a long time ago that he made a deal with God. He'll get on with God's work on earth as long as God dealt with any problems that came along.

I think both the Rabbi and the Priest were very wise indeed.

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