This is James Jones here in the High Street and I have with me Arthur Bartholomew who has witnessed everything as it happened. Now tell me Arthur, you were first on the scene as I understand it ….

Don’t nod; they can’t see you nodding on the radio. Is that OK?

You’re nodding again; are you nervous? ….. Now you’re shaking your head. Just speak to me and don’t worry about the microphone.”

“I’m not nervous.”

“Good … good … now you told me earlier on that you saw the horse running amok … where did it come from?”

“Over there …”

“Don’t point Arthur … the listeners can’t see you pointing … so the horse came from the top of the High Street and ran through the market … where did it end up?”

“It ran through the market then jumped over here …”

“Yes … that’s over the market stalls.”

“That’s right … then he ran over there …”

“You’re pointing towards the school … that’s where the horse ran to?”

“That’s right … over there where that car is going.”

“I see … although the listeners can’t … anyway … he ran by the school in George Street. Tell me Arthur … was it a big horse would you say?”

“It was that high I suppose …”

“Yes … to explain to the listeners … that’s about six or seven feet high. A fairly big horse.”

“Or it could have been this high … it all happened so quick …”

“That’s a bit less. So about five to seven feet high … a medium sized horse or probably a little bigger. Now tell me Arthur, what colour was it? Black, white …”

“No … no … more like this colour I would say …”

“Yes … that’s a darkish grey … you’re nodding again … people can’t see you nodding on the radio.”

“Sorry. It could have been a little darker … more like the colour of that thing.”

“Don’t worry Arthur … thank you for your help. So to summarise for our radio listeners … the horse ran from over there, jumped over here, and then proceeded in that direction. It was about this high or possibly that high and according to Arthur here it was either this colour or that colour.”

“Or a shade in between ….”

“Thank you Arthur … This has been a most challenging interview to give a new reporter and I’m going over there for a drink!”


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