You may think it strange to find a page devoted to Satan on this website. But make no mistake about it ... he exists alright.

He may be lurking in the background, hoping you've forgotten about him. But he is there ... waiting to drive you away from God.

It's when you're at your weakest that he'll try to tempt you with false promises. Something may have gone wrong in your life, perhaps you feel dejected and abandoned by God; that's when the devil will try to persuade you. It may be a casual thought in your mind, a conversation from a friend - just anything could come your way to lead you away from God.

And not only then ... when your Faith is getting stronger, and you're drawn closer to God, it's then that the devil is working even harder to lead you astray.

Learn to recognise his temptations. Pray to God for help. Remember, even Jesus was tempted by the devil. (Matthew 4: 1-11).

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