God indeed does speak to us these days. Maybe not as He spoke to Abraham or Moses but He does speak to us all the same. Here’s an example:

A priest I knew many years ago was preparing to go to a meeting. Yet, somehow, he felt he had to wait for a while longer. He waited for five, then ten minutes; he looked at the clock, he was concerned he’d be late – but somehow, he felt he had to wait a bit longer. Eventually he felt it was time to go.

As he drove down the road, about half a mile away, he encountered a road traffic accident. He stopped to help. There on the ground was a young girl from his parish being attended to by the ambulance people. She had just been knocked down and she was crying for him by name to come and help her.

Had the priest left for the meeting on time he would have missed the accident.

Some may call the whole event a coincidence – I prefer to think it was a God-incidence.

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© Copyright V Moubarak 2008