Giving thanks.

One day Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem when He met ten men suffering from a skin disease. He took pity on them and healed them. As they went away totally healed only one came back to thank Him. (Luke 17:11).

How often in our busy lives we forget to notice those close to us who lovingly do their best for us to make our life easier. In our rush from one crisis to another we take these people for granted.

Years ago we used to visit an elderly relative who lived far away. No matter what time we arrived, day or night, (sometimes we were held up in heavy traffic), she always opened her magic oven and out came the most delicious hot meals. We often joked about the magic oven and wished we had one like it at home; but we didn't give much thought to the hours she must have spent in the kitchen preparing these meals for us. She did it out of love.

Right now, there must be people around you who silently do kind things for you out of love. Of course you love them back and care for them but .... in your busy life and many panics (you know how it is ...) you just forget to say thanks. You don't mean to be unkind or selfish ... you just forget to say thanks ... just like the nine men Jesus healed.

Dear Lord, please remind me to remember those to whom I should be grateful. Oh ... and remind me to thank them ...

Thank you!

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007