The disciple Thomas really got a bad press all these years ago since he first doubted that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He's been called "doubting Thomas" and his name has been used time and again to describe people who are perhaps a little too cautious at believing what they are told.

But let's look at the great service which Thomas, unwittingly, did for Christianity.

When Thomas doubted the Resurrection, Christ appeared to His disciples again. This time Thomas was present and Christ asked him to make sure that there He was, the risen Christ, standing amongst them all. This was no hallucination, a collective dream by all present, or a ghost ... no ... this was the risen Christ Himself. Jesus invited Thomas to place his hand in His side and showed him the scars in His hands; just to make sure that He had risen all right and that this was real.

The whole incident was witnessed by all gathered in that room. They saw Jesus once again, they heard what He said to Thomas, and how Thomas had reacted.

The story must have been told to other people time and again. And eventually it was recorded in the Bible.

You see, if Thomas had not doubted, the whole incident would not have happened and we would have lost a vital piece of evidence about the Resurrection. So without realising it, Thomas was providing future generations with a piece of evidence.

Today we live in a world where it is difficult to differentiate between the truth and what we are told because it suits others so to do. So it is understandable if we sometimes doubt.

Thanks to Thomas and the evidence he has provided we should believe without having to see with our own eyes and touch the wounds and scars on Christ's body. And that's what they call Faith!

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007