Imagine a man standing still on a stool or a box. He leans backward and as he is falling two people standing behind him catch him before he hits the ground. This simple exercise has been used in many managerial seminars to teach trust amongst work colleagues.

There are many other examples of trust. The relationship between a patient and his doctor, airplane passengers and their pilot, a child and his parents.

In all such cases we seem prepared to entrust our lives and well-being to other people - mere mortals like ourselves.

Yet when we say we trust God or Jesus ... what do we really mean? We are in effect entrusting our well-being to a living God who, as our loving Creator, cares for us much more than any human being. So do we mean it when we say we trust Him?

When we pray to God and ask for something, do we continue pestering and ask over and over again? Does this not imply that perhaps we don't trust Him? How would you feel if someone asked you for the same thing time and again even though you promised you would help them?

Jesus did say that God cares for us - even more than birds. (Matthew 6: 25 - 34).

Difficult as it may seem, are we prepared to trust that God will catch us before we fall? He is certainly saving us from many harmful situations everyday without our knowledge.

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