Nothing teaches us patience like waiting.

We've all experienced waiting at some stage or other in our lives. Whether it's waiting for exam results, waiting to hear whether we were successful at the job interview, or waiting for the results of medical tests we've had done. Sometimes the waiting can be quite excruciating especially when there's worry and anxiety too.

St Peter tells us in his second letter to the early Christians (2 Peter 3:8) that in God's sight a day is like a thousand years. I suppose what he is trying to teach us is that God does not necessarily work to our timescales.

So when we pray for something to happen quickly, when we are tired of waiting and our patience is at an end, when we feel He is not listening to our prayers - we'd do well to remember that perhaps God is saying "Not yet ..." to whatever we are asking for. In His infinite wisdom, He knows that what we're asking for is not the best for us at this point in time. Perhaps He's also teaching us to have patience.

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