Who is Jesus?

And why did God see the need to send Him to earth?

I remember reading sometime ago a story about a Canadian farmer who one cold winter evening in the midst of a very violent snow storm heard banging on the side of his house. He struggled out of the house in the dark to find a flock of wild geese had lost their way in the snow storm and landed in the field near his house. There were literally hundreds of them. Disorientated, cold and wandering everywhere. He realised that they would soon perish without any shelter, so he opened the doors of one of his barns and hoped that they would go in for the night. But no ... they stayed out in the cold cackling and walking around in circles rather than seek shelter in the barn. He tried to shoo them in by walking behind them with his arms spread out ... but to no avail ... the geese ran everywhere except into the barn. He thought "If only I could talk to these birds in their own language and explain to them that the barn will shelter them from the snow ..."

Then and idea struck him. He opened another barn and let out his own geese in the yard. After a while he shooed his own geese into the barns again and to his relief the wild geese followed them to safety.

The story went on to explain that God had the same problem with His creations on earth. So He sent His only Son to us, as a human, so that we may see Him, hear Him and hopefully listen to the word of God through Him. 

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Copyright V Moubarak 2007